Sunday, December 29, 2013

Perservering through the Dark Abyss

This post is about warning signs and ways we as family, friends and loved ones of those with mental or behavioral challenges- can assist them in their struggles.

I encourage you whether you are a member of my faith or not, to listen and watch this Speech given by Elder Holland- regarding how to treat others in this sad predicament and situation.

Warning Signs of Suicide Behavior

May draw or write about death
Or talk about ways they have thought about harming themselves
Cutting arms or legs
Withdrawing from friends & families
Marked personality or Severe Mood Changes
Loss of interest in talents and activities they used to love
Or wanting to sleep all the time
May give away prized possessions
Lose hope
Losing interest in school
Indifferent towards most activities
Children may become severely impulsive
And Instant Gratification

Have children set goals for wants and needs
Point out our children's strengths
Do not hound about what they are doing wrong- or may need to improve.
Point out that there are solutions to their problems
Let your child think of their own solutions to severe or little problems.

Find out why our children are unhappy
Question our children " Are you feeling that you may want to hurt yourself?"
Ask hard questions
Ask open-ended questions
Listen to your child's teachers

If your children are having those thoughts, it is not a reflection of poor parenting.
If they have depression- it's not your fault.
Don't try to fix their depression by yourself, seek professional help.
"No one can responsibly suggest that just square your shoulders and think more positively." Elder Holland 
It's not that easy. It's a big deal.

If you are concerned about your child's safety- never leave them alone.
Get rid of guns or knives, pills and ways they may harm themselves.
Be there for them. Listen to your loved ones. 

Focus attention on your children.

Listen and empathize with your children. 
Especially when they tell you why they hurt, are sad. Or feel a certain way.
Show an increase in love.

"Trust in God and his love. Be merciful, non-judge mental and kind- towards those suffering with mental illness." -Elder Holland