Saturday, June 2, 2012

La Vita E Bella

Life is Beautiful!
Life is Hard.
Life is Challenging and sometimes it hurts to be alive.
Love fills holes in our souls.
Charity fulfills the joyous moments we want to celebrate in our lives.
One minute we may be happy, the next we may feel sad.
Tomorrow is a new day and there are always opportunities for positive enhancements in our everyday lives.

You are not alone.
Humanity suffers cruel injustices.
We can have broken hearts, torn ties of trust, feel betrayed and hurt.
We all hurt; and are susceptible to the pain we feel.
No one is alone.
God loves you and I.
He wants us to be happy and bring joy to our families.
If we listen and learn from each other, and take care of one another faithfully--
We will form bonds of trust, love and loyalty that will strengthen the compassion in Humanity.
We will become united and stronger in a greater cause than ourselves.
To better our world for ourselves and our children.

One person makes a world of a difference.
Believe in yourself, believe in your dreams! You can reach them!
Reach for the moon and you will fall among the stars.

Chelsea Merkley