Thursday, July 12, 2012

Joy In Infertility

The two concepts seem like they cannot be in the same sentence.
Although, it is possible to find joy in your trial, whatever it may be.

For information about placing or adopting through LDS Family Services please check this website;,11666,8128-1-4450-1,00.html

My friends Karissa and Jayson have been through so much trying to have children of their own.
Many Fertility Treatments and failed attempts have been heartbreaking.
But, through it all Karissa and Jayson have grown to be thankful for their experience.
They are both so positive and are looking to adopt a child.

If you or anyone you know is considering putting their precious child up for adoption,
please consider them.
Here is their Adoption Profile.

Please also consider my Friends Marie and JP. Who have been trying to adopt for about a year now.

Chelsea Merkley

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  1. Oh, this is so incredibly sweet of you!! Thank you so much!